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What is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce allow us to sell our products online by providing a catalog and secure credit card transactions.

How dose it work?

Ecommerce set up an online catalog of your products with pictures and a short description. Your customers can scroll through your catalog and place wanted items in a basket by clicking a link. When your customer is ready to check out they can click another link to take them to the "register". Here they are connected to a company that will process their credit card information and make the transaction for you.
Shipping information will be sent to an email address you specify or held in an online database.

Where do I sign up?

Click on the "Web Design" button. In the menu that pops up click the "sample" button. Fill out the information requested in the window tat pops up. We will send you a sample of what your site could look like with all the informaion you will need to get started for free!
Ecommerce will be the way business in the future. Why not gets a head start? For more information please call DF Productions at (519) 787 - 0109 or email us at