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What is Flash?

Flash is a vector animation program developed by Macromedia. It allows web designers to create interactive animated web sites.

Why should I choose Flash over normal Html?

Flash allows us to do things that are just not possible in html. We can create advanced animation and a level of interactive play not before possible with html.

Can everyone see my site?

Flash is incorporated in most web browser to view such pages. However not everyone has it set6 up to view such documents. This is why we not only place a link on the opening page to download a free copy of the latest flash player, but also create the site in html giving the option to your visitor of what format they would like to view.

Advantages of Flash

There are many advantages to Flash site. You can create high impact media content to keep the visitor entertained in their travels throughout your site. You can add sound and animation on buttons to be preformed in one of the three button states (up, over, down). Transitions between pages are smother and transition effects can be added as well. You can put in place an introduction to your site when people logon to your site giving them a good idea what your about before they get to your home page.

We feel that Flash is the way all sites will be designed in the future. The high impact that these sites give you and the repeat visitors that come back to see the site will be a large advantage. Still not widely used Flash will be as familiar to the web as Html is now. Sign up now for your free sample site and notice the difference.