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Adrian Ghena,

AG Electronics




Hello, I have recived your email and have not as of yet install the .vxd file . Thank you for the file it's the right one.
I went to the site link to you included in the email. The server looks execlent. It includes the MS platform we were looking for, as well as the secure data type(SSL- Server Side Include). The Price of the site is resonable. Looking at the size of the current construction state of the database application you would be more flexibale in terms of design and growth to consider a 100meg package.
The size of the files and program scripting we are using requires lager files then standart HTML. The .swf, .asa, .asp, and .mdb files are highly dynamic files including action script, JavaScript, and VBscript. The script requires more charactures to be stored in the file and therefore increases the size of the file. The .swf format is a file format used by Micromedia's Flash program. Flash is used for creating dynamic Internet application that deliver high interactivity with the visitor. This can slow down loading time with slow servers and large files. However the server you have choosen is fairly fast and we use a special technique.
We create an application setting in our Flash Design. Employing a application base or back ground. Then we create the seperate pages in another file. The "base", with the code for the menu system loads the other platforms into levels above it. This can greatly reduce load time of Flash applications.
Due the nature of Flash we don't feel it advisable to use secure and reliable transaction throught the Flash application. To increase security, speed and reliability we have sugested to use a .asp script embeded in an HTML page. We would be able to make the page Dynamic through the use of small Flash banners and animated .gif's. If you would like moore information on this subject or anthing else related with your site design please feel free to contact us.

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