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Hello, my name is Michael Johansen. I'm participating in a business development course in class. As part of the program we are conducting a survey. This survey is to gather information about our business idea. I'd like to start by stating we are not selling anything and would greatly appreciate a couple of minutes of your time.
Let's start with the business idea. I'm thinking of opening a New Media services business. Our services would include graphic design, Internet services, video and audio productions, and custom interactive software applications (interactive presentations and training software)
Any information you would be willing to give us would be greatly appreciated.

1. Has your enterprise used or be willing to use any of the following services?

Internet Services

Graphic Design Services

Multi Media Presentations

Training Software

2. Dose your company currently operate a Web Site?

Yes No

If yes approximately how much did you pay for the Site Creation?

$100-$500 $501-$1000

$1001-$1500 $1501-$2000

$2001-more Created in house

If yes who maintains the Site?

Service Provider We do

If a service provider maintains the Site how much do you pay a month on maintenance of your Web Site?

$10-$20 $21-$30 $31-$40 $41- more

If no would you consider having a Web Site?

Yes No

3. If you were to purchase a web site would you like to see an hourly rate or a package rate when purchasing this service?

Hourly Package

How much would you pay for this service?


$10-$20 $21-$30 $31 -$40 $41-$50 $51-$60 $61 - $70 $71-$80 $81-$90

Package including five pages and graphic content?

$500-$600 $601-$700 $701-$800 $801-$900 $901 - $1000 $1001 - more

4. When choosing a Web Site Design service are you more ore less likely to choose a service that offers multi media and graphic production as well?

more likely less likely dosen't matter

5. If you had an important presentation to do would you consider using interactive multi media to aid in the presentation?

Yes No

If yes what would be reasonable price for this service? (30 min. presentation including all scripting, graphic, and design of CD-ROM)

$100-$200 $201 - $300 $301-$400 $401-$500 $501-$600 $601-more

How Often do you present to a group?

Every day Once a Week Once a Month Once a Year

6. What would be the most important criteria in choosing a New Media company?

If other please specify

7. Where would you you look for new media services?

If Trade Magazine please specify

If other please specify


The following information is optional for you to fill out. It will help us decide how to best structure the marketing of these services for you.

Number of Employees:


Number of years company has been in business:

Type of Business:

Business Address:

Address line #1

Address line #2

City Postal Code

Thank you taking the time to fill out this form your help was greatly appreciated.